Thursday, December 29, 2016

Recently Devoured: The Moon King by Terry Ibele

I received this from Terry to review and give my thoughts on his current work in progress fantasy novel, The Moon King, which is about the journey of Lome, a goat shepherd apprentice trying to find out what happened to his mother and where he's from. His herb loving friend Juna (my absolute favorite character who I really related to) comes along with him. Before they leave on their journey, Lome's father dies and he discovers a secret about his mother's past and gains a beautiful pendant that belonged to her. On their adventure, they encounter a dying forest, a few crazy merchants, an absolute insane Prince/Lord of a town affected by what caused the decline of the forest, an old man who some hysterical thieves affected by Rage.
The world Lome and Juna live in is being affected by a disease which causes all life to degrade, and slowly turn to dust. This disease also makes people slip slowly into a rage fueled madness, which eventually ends with death.

Terry offers a sneak peak of The Moon King on his website and offers to send you the rest if you sign up for it. So if you are interested, after reading my review, go check it out, as well as his short stories, and sign up for his newsletters! Now. on to the review!

The beginning of the book starts in a forest, on a hunting trip with Lome's father. Lome, being more interested in watching over a herd of goats versus hunting, is an annoying, whining, brat and doesn't listen to his father. Lome's character at the beginning, as you can guess, did not make me want to read this until some tragic events took place that caught my attention, that is. Lome's father, as I said dies, and I really liked his character. He reminds me of my mother's father, who taught me about the woods and grew in me a forest of knowledge about nature and how to live as one with the forest. After his father's funeral, Lome meets with a village elder who tells him some exciting, yet depressing information about his mother. Mother Elenoris gives Lome a pendant and some warnings. I need to stop talking about this, otherwise, I'll ruin the story!

I found a massive amount of the characters relatable to my own personal experiences, particularly Juna. Juna is a sass filled, herb gathering, double braided nest friend of Lome, and I really loved her character almost as much as Lome does. She's an absolutely amazing dependable friend, who won't hesitate to beat the Dickens out of someone who is threatening her or Lome. And her weapon of choice? An herbal encyclopedia, of course! She stayed by Lome's side, through all the hardships they went through, even after their rage laced fights in the areas affected by the disease I mentioned earlier, which shows true friendship in my opinion.

This book was a complete joy to read, even if I took three months to finish it. I cannot wait until he gets a chance to publish it so I can have a physical copy! If you enjoy reading fantasy coming of age stories, I highly recommend you check out The Moon King by my good friend Terry Ibele! There's only a sprinkle of romance, so you don't really have that taking over the adventure and thrills of this brilliantly written, beautifully ended novel! I also believe it is one of the longest books I've ever read to completion!

Thank you for reading! And a ginormous THANK YOU to Terry for sending me on such a great journey of self-discovery!


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